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Known for his unfiltered opinion on all things, especially the world of real estate, Spyro Kemble has completed his first book, which is now available on The collection of material within Reality Check: Lessons learned, candor and consequence, speaks candidly to real estate agents, challenging them to re-think the art of the deal, the investment in the relationship and the critical need to raise the bar in the industry. In a profession rich with “hobbyists”, the book was crafted from lessons learned through Spyro’s own trials and tribulations in building his brand, while acting as a mirror full of hard truths and essential advice for the real estate agent of today who seeks to have more than just a license.

“If I can help even one agent re-think their best practices and raise their bar as an esteemed real estate agent through my tales of lessons learned, candor and consequence, then the book’s purpose has been fulfilled.” –Spyro Kemble, Realtor

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