June 2017

Be The Realtor With A “Soul”

As you all know my theme for 2017 is “Raising the Bar” on our profession.

This month my bar is set on finding the “soul” in our industry.

The word “Soul” has been defined as many things. The definition however, that resonates best with me is “The incorporeal (having no material essence) of a living being. The reason that resonates with me is because truthfully speaking, I think our profession can use a little more “Soul” in the transaction process; and yes, I say that in light of the Real Estate Wars debut.

We as Realtors are entrusted with a great responsibility, which is the selling or acquiring of an individual’s/families most substantial asset – their home. As a 30 year veteran in the industry I am burdened because I’m seeing more and more realtors treat “the deal” as a gateway to the commission, instead of what it really is, which is helping our clients find a place that they can call home. Home, where they will raise their children. Home, where they will create lifetime memories. Home, where they will get their first pet, broken arm, lose a loved one, or where the next big idea might be birthed.

As industry professionals we need to remember that where we make money in the transaction of selling or buying a house, our clients on the other hand are investing, often times, their life’s saving. Where we are looking at the art of the deal that will close in a “matter of weeks”, they are looking at the colors and memories of their life to come. In other words, selling or buying a home is not just about the transfer or bricks and mortar, and the hard line details in the contract. It is an intimate transaction where we must never forget to have empathy, patience and caring as we navigate our client thru the challenges of professionally closing a deal. This is what I call the “Soul” of the transaction.

Don’t get me wrong, I am perfectly aware of the seduction of the commission in the great O.C., where millions of dollars a year are up for grabs. In addition, I believe there are currently many agents and brokers who are already seasoning their deals with the aroma of Soul. I feel however that we can all lose sight at times as to why we are doing the business we are, and what our primary goal is, or needs to be: Selling a home, to a client.

In our world today, where social media, glossy eight-page brochures, fancy videos and clever marketing is our tool of choice to attract clients, I would challenge you to add the element of Soul to your presentation packages. Because in this competitive market where all the pomp and circumstance of promotion is available to every agent, it’s the word of mouth and personal referral that will put your name in front of all the rest.

Here is to a prosperous Summer and may the “Soul” be with you…

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