May 2017

Is There a Place for EGO in our Profession?

As my theme for 2017 is to “raise the bar” on our profession as a Realtor representing the Newport Beach Association Of Realtors, I would like to put forth some thoughts this months on how we are perceived when agents see our name on a listing.

Webster defines EGO as: (noun) The self, especially as contrasted with another self or the world.

Being all too familiar with the pros and cons of having an ego, I want to pass on a few observations as to how our ego can serve us and our clients well, or how it can be our own worst enemy in making the deal.

On the pro side of Self, I have always felt that we first must believe in ourselves before we can believe in the home we are selling. Meaning, we must believe in our expertise, our professionalism, our company and in our ability to negotiate the best possible outcome for our clients.

My boss constantly reminds our team that if we can’t stand up for our commission in a listing presentation, how can we stand up for the property when we are presented an offer? Well, the belief in oneself allows us to negotiate our worth in the deal and the properties worth in today’s market.

My wife Tracy says that “Awareness is the first step to empowerment.” Therefore, as professionals, it’s our responsibility to become aware of how we show up to the deal. Meaning, do our clients and fellow agents react to our presence with a smile, confidently knowing that a true professional is on their side? Or do they wince and hold their breath until the deal is over?

If and when however our ego steroids-up on itself, and creates adversary dynamics rather than bringing the buyer and seller together, it’s time to reconsider “who” shows up to your listing and who needs to go back into the cage for a time out.

I call this awareness the difference between Confidence versus Arrogance. Or more metaphorically speaking, it’s the difference between attracting someone with the scent of your pheromones, or downright offending someone with your Emotional B.O. The question is, what type of agent are you?

We live and work in one of the most beautiful and affluent areas in the world where we are privileged to be representing our clients in their luxury properties. With this privilege comes the responsibility to keep raising our “bar” to make sure we not only meet but exceed our client’s expectations.

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