March 2017

Our Clients Deserve The Best Of Our Profession

Last month in Indian Wells I attended the quarterly CAR meeting, and I must confess, there were a few things above my pay grade, and many below my level of interest.

There was one take-away however that confirmed my on-going conviction, which centered around the bar we set (or lower) for our industry itself. My focus therefore is the issue of “Open Boarders” in the real Estate licensing process and what we need to do to ensure that only the most qualified of applicants obtain a license to represent clients that expect the best of us.

The Need to Raise the Bar During our quarterly meeting, an amendment was presented that required a vote. The amendment called for a change in the current Real Estate License testing that would give the “tester” the ability to take the state agent exam three times (instead of twice), before a three months waiting period is enacted.

As someone who is passionate about the state of our profession, I feel if you can’t pass a simple real estate test, do you really have the right to be trusted with your clients most important assets? I say “No.”

Currently, the bar is set relatively low when it comes to obtaining a license in our field, and the end result is the pool of quality agents keeps getting diluted. There are too many licensed agents who currently treat our profession as a hobby or a part time job.

Other serious industries, such The California Bar Association, only offers its exam twice a year. They do this to protect the level and expertise of law practitioners, which ultimately protects the clients. I believe we can learn from their example. If our goal is to raise the standard of our industry, we too must protect how easy it is to enter our industry.

Being a Realtor is a privilege and a profession. It is not a right or recreation. It is certainly not a hobby. Nor is it something to “do on the side.” Instead, Real Estate is a multi-billion dollar industry that is dealing with contracts, law, finances, psychology, emotion and not to mention the most precious purchase a person will ever make. It is a respected profession, that we need to treat and protect as such. And that is why changing the test guidelines is not a good idea. As someone once said, “Suck it up buttercup, not everyone gets a trophy.” This includes practicing Real Estate, because not only do our clients deserve better, but so do we Professionals.

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