February 2017


By now, perhaps with frustration, many of us have broken some (if not all) of our New Year’s resolutions. That’s why this month I thought in light of fractured goals, I would share my resolutions; which believe it or not, they have nothing do with weight loss or financial gain.

This year, I committed to a lifestyle change of “expansion.” As a result I chose 4 simple New Year words that I believe will keep me professionally and personally on track for 2017.

These simple life-shifting words are: “Thanks, You, No, and Yes.” Through them, I’m confident that they will bring both personal and professional change in the New Year.

THANKS: This year, I have decided to keep a Gratitude List versus an “Entitled” List. My Gratitude List is a go-to place where I recall all that is good and positive in my life. Candidly speaking, I didn’t always have a Gratitude List. However, my 60 year journey has taught me that when we appreciate and focus on what is good/great in life, you will be blessed with more of the same. Too often, especially in difficult times, we tend to focus on negative; or what we perceive to be negative. Then, when “more of the same” shows-up we feel like the kid on the playground being bullied by the Universe. This however, is not the Universe bullying us. It something called “manifesting” and it applies to both positive and negative energy. Therefore, as you head into 2017, if you make the commitment to complain less, it will empower you to speak more genuine gratitude. Which in turn creates more people (including clients) wanting to stay connected.

YOU: For the majority of my life, all roads led back to Self. Yet again, one of my 60 year lessons have taught me that this wonderful path of life also includes a person called “You.” Don’t get me wrong, it is very important to have a healthy self-esteem especially in our business. But at the end of the day, it is the satisfaction of our clients (and our loved ones) that creates repeat connection in both professional and personal relationships.

NO. My wife once told me, “No is a complete sentence.” She couldn’t be more correct. Too often in business we are confronted with “time thieves” who latch onto our energy and bring nothing to the table except exhaust. Therefore, 2017 is a year to say “No.”

  • “No” to a listing that you know is overpriced.
  • “No” to ego driving the deal.
  • “No” to the seller that has no intentions of selling.
  • “No” to someone who wants to engage, versus doing business.
  • “No” to false value inflations to get the listing.
  • “No” to ignoring your expertise in the market.
  • “No” to the path of least resistance.
  • “No” to shying away from spending the marketing dollars required to be successful.
  • “No” to selling yourself short of the quality agent you are.
  • “No” to the lazy or destructive choices that create inconsistent business or personal behaviors.

In 2017, let “No” be a personal, complete sentence as a way to increase the quality and value of your personal and professional life. I truly believe that if more of us embrace this word, in 2017 we will have less expired listings (which are up 5% or 7,324 in December); which in turn would lead to more sales; which that would make our Gratitude List more enjoyable to revisit.

YES: The value of the word “Yes” is something under discussed. Yet the word Yes, is a gateway to a life you have yet to experience. When we say “Yes” to new experiences, new people and new opportunities, it stretches you beyond what is comfortable. Which might feel wrong in so many ways, but it is actually the gateway to expansion.

Happy New Year my friends. Be GRATEFUL…

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