January 2017

Greetings All,

2017 is upon us, and with it the new Board of Directors and President who are committed to make NBAOR “Even greater” and I am grateful and honored to be serving as your 2017 President.

I will begin my first letter of my term by reiterating my thoughts from my installation speech. As previously stated, one of my primary goals this year is to implement policies that will keep more listings and sales in our board. This focus will in turn enable local agents and members of NBAOR to best represent the Buyers and Sellers in our areas, as well as keep the local listings in the hands of the local experts.

My second initiative is to focus on branding. Meaning, branding of self, branding of our respective home offices, and branding of the agents of NBAOR. I am passionate about the importance of branding because before joining Surterre Properties 10 years ago, I was a lone ranger for 17 years. During that time I did not realize the importance of branding. Yet in light of business maturity and the ever growing social media market, I now understand that how we brand ourselves is just as important as how we market our listings. Having said this, I would like to incorporate a branding campaign that focuses in on using “local NBAOR Brokers” who are in touch with our specialized market instead of outside agents.

My third emphasis as a President will focus on how we are perceived as agents, as well as raise the bar set for us, and by us. In 2017 my goal is to make integrity and professionalism our two paramount qualities as Newport agents. With competition ever growing, the days of “listing and selling” are over. Instead it is time of “synergy selling” where collectively, we interact with our fellow realtors and clients and handle each listing and sale as a community and network of professional realtors. I believe this determined effort will allow us to continue to raise the bar of NBAOR as well as earn the trust we deserve as industry professionals in our area of expertise.

Finally, I will end my first letter with this: The thing about trust is that it is not easy for our clients to give, and it is even harder for us as realtors to earn. Being trusted is a great responsibility, and with every listing, escrow and closing where we place our client’s needs above all we do, ensures that we continue to work toward earning this trust. It is my belief and mission to both earn and establish that trust with every client that works with a NBAOR agent. Because we are a body of professional agents deserving of this trust and held to a higher standard. As we all know, trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair.

I wish you all a prosperous 2017 and let’s keep raising OUR bar.

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